• Fri
    5:00 pmGrayhaven Motel

    Inner Life///Outer Action: Seeds of Incarnation

    A solo exhibition by Joshua Swartwood. Inspired by nature, faith, spirituality, and the mystical overlap of all three, this exhibit explores the interface, occurring within all living things, between seen and unseen...the tangible and the abstract. It stands as a sign post, at the intersection of inner life and outer action, to incite wonder at the potential held within even the smallest thing. 

    Join Grayhaven Motel & The Good Truck from 5pm - 9pm on Friday July 6th for gallery night in the main house and your favorite Good Truck tacos and tortas on our lovely grounds. Come look at some art, eat delicious food, and play games on the lawn until sundown. We'll be screening a hotel / motel themed movie outside following the opening. Movie screening is planned for 9pm and is weather dependent. Bring a blanket and some bug-spray.