Haleta Wellins Winter Mountain, The Concept Horse, TBA

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January 19, 2020 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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Lexie Mountain is an artist and performer based in Baltimore. She is known for her long-running experimental acapella project Lexie Mountain Boys, and work in the rock bands Scroll Downers and Howling Hex.

Kevin Winter is an electronic musician currently residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In addition to his current solo work he is one third of improvising electronics ensemble ASPS. Previously Winter worked as 2673 and co-curated the tape label Bone Tooth Horn.

Matt Wellins

Michael Mykola Haleta is an educator, optical artist, textile designer, graphic designer, and noise/sound artist. His visual vernacular stems from a mix of cybernetics, pareidolia, apophenia, B-movie special effects, combinatorics (graph theory), B-movie VHS covers, microchip design and crystallography.

The Concept Horse is the solo compositional project of dbf, compiled and arranged from a varying array of physical sources including live instrumentation, vinyl records, processed field recordings, synthesized sounds and patched modules. Performed live through a shifting collection of objects with cables, knobs, pads, buttons and pedals.


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