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Energy Efficient and Responsible Sourcing

At the Grayhaven we understand the impact our business activities have on our community and the environment and are taking active steps to help manage it.

We are eliminating as many single-use products as possible to help manage waste. We have implemented refillable toiletry bottles, provide reusable cups in rooms, provide washable rags to clean up messes, don’t use plastic liners in-room wastebaskets, don’t have refrigerators in every room, and strive to reduce, re-use, donate, compost and recycle as much waste as possible. Want to help? Separate paper, plastic and metal into the recycling bins provided and think about where you can reduce waste. Instead of buying disposable plastic water bottles bring your own and re-fill it. Want to make coffee in your room? Buy a delicious bag of sustainably sourced coffee from our front desk or one of the amazing local roaster’s around town.

We are focused on conserving energy and reducing the Grayhaven’s overall carbon footprint. Moving to long-life LED light bulbs, hanging shower curtains to dry, setting outdoor lights on timers that are adjusted seasonally, and insulating for better temperature retention are some of the strategies we are implementing. We have information available about bicycle rental and public transportation. Want to help? Remember to turn the lights off and air-conditioning to auto when you leave your room, and consider the bus or enjoying a bike ride into town for the day instead of driving.

We use high-efficiency machines to conserve water and try to minimize laundry during your stay by not changing sheets and towels daily. Low flow heads are being attached to faucets, rainwater is collected to water plants and native and drought-tolerant plants are being planted on the grounds. Want to help? Try turning the faucet off while brushing your teeth, avoid using the toilet as a trash receptacle, and turn the water off while you lather your hands for washing.

Purchasing food, beverage and room amenities from local businesses are just a few of the steps we have taken toward responsible sourcing. All of our food and drink offerings are regionally sourced and come from within New York State. All of our blankets and linens all made in the USA: towels (1888 Mills | Griffin, GA), linens and bedding (Thomaston Mills | Thomaston, GA), and wool blankets (Faribault Mills | Faribault, MN). Some of the companies we have chosen to work with are committed to green manufacturing or are certified B Corps (EO Products | Marin, CA). 

Grayhaven is committed to paying all employees a living wage. A living wage is financial compensation that reflects what individuals need to support themselves above the poverty line, based on the actual cost of living in a specific community. A living wage helps the essential costs of living and an improved standard of living for individuals and families. The Grayhaven Motel is a certified living wage employer!

We hope that you will enthusiastically join us in engaging in sustainable practices that conserve natural resources, improve quality of life and reduce environmental impact.

Stay Responsibly.

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