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Experimental Sight + Sound @ Grayhaven Motel

Grayhaven Motel proudly presents an evening of experimental sight and sound featuring the work of three Ithaca-based artists using art, technology, sound, science and interactivity to guide and propel their work. More specifically, they are:

Anna Oxygen –  aka Anna Huff Mercovich is a multidisciplinary artist working with performance, sound, technology, mixed media and interactivity. She frequently engages intersections of body, voice, objects and ritual to reveal social and technological structures that tie individuals to communities. She has special interests in interdisciplinary pedagogy, collaboration and community building across digital and hybrid platforms and often engages members of local communities in her work. Her most recent work explores feminist speculative world building, working between live performance and volumetric 3D/VR landscapes.

Multifungi – aka Paulina Velazquez Solis – Multifungi is a project of media performance with live animation and sound. The performance is an exercise in control and chaos enacted by the hybridization of disciplines between the visual arts, sound and performance. Multifungi captures the amorphous that escape classification, proposing an aesthetic of the abject, the organic and decomposition, which are represented by cyclic transformation of images and textured sound and noise.

Vaux Flores – aka Travis Johns is an artist who builds strange electronics under the nom de plume Vaux Flores and also performs and composes experimental music using said devices, also under said name. Recently, he’s cobbled together an interface that converts brainwave measurements to control voltage which he’s using to control synthesizers and explore rudimentary cybernetics in performances that usually spark the question of “so what were you thinking about when you were doing that?” This in turn provides ample opportunities for all kinds of jokes but the truth is, it really doesn’t work that way – if you want to know how it does work, come to the show.

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