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December Gallery Night

Join us for this December’s First Friday Gallery Night in our guest gallery lounge! From 4-7pm on Friday, December 2nd we will be showcasing photographer Keith Millman’s new collection, Pictures from my Boat.


Artist Statement

“Pictures From My Boat” are made from two feet above the water while I sit in my solo
canoe paddling around lakes in northern New York. In half-second exposures, I
photograph while traveling across the water. I am afloat while at the lowest reaches of
the sky. I breathe from one element while the other holds me up. Right where the sky and
water meet, I am a little into each.
Though I sit at the in-between, I can orient myself when I see the horizon – it is
comforting to know where there is land. By looking at the horizon I feel placed in my
small boat. Waves, wind, and momentum move my vessel so it is rare the boat is actually
still. It is always in motion. Even if I am motionless, the boat turns, moves and pivots.
From my vantage it is the landscape that is in flux, changing, and overlapping. The
landscape is in motion, not me.

Keith Millman



Grayhaven’s cash bar will be open for drinks and light snacks.

Keith’s show will be up through December, freely viewable Tuesdays – Sundays between 8am – 7pm.

See you there!

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