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June ’23 Gallery Night

Join us for June 2023’s First Friday Gallery Night in our guest gallery lounge from 4-7pm on Friday, June 2nd! We are thrilled to host the opening reception for local oil painting master, Alan Pollack. He has been a professional artist for 30+ years and this exhibition will primarily showcase his pop-surrealist pieces. Most of his recent work can be seen within the Magic the Gathering and Sorcery collectible card games, as well as the WOWXWOW online gallery and select sci-fi book covers. An art celebrity in our midst!


Artist bio:

Alan Pollack has specialized in science fiction, fantasy and horror for most of his illustrious career and has most recently entered the realm of pop-surrealism.
His work has appeared on the cover of Spectrum and he was a top 5 nominee for a Hugo award.
Alan has worked for many of the industries gaming companies including Wizards of the Coast and Blizzard Entertainment and has graced the covers of most of the leading book publishers including Harper/Collins, Daw Books, Del-Rey, Baen Books, Tor Books, ROC and the Science Fiction Book Club.

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