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March ’23 Gallery Night

Join us for March 2023’s First Friday Gallery Night in our guest gallery lounge! From 4-7pm on Friday, March 3rd we will be celebrating Sue Stocum’s solo exhibition, Landscape: A Witness to Light.


Artist Statement

Sue Stocum is a local artist. She is self-taught and dedicated. This is her first solo gallery show. These paintings show her continued fascination with landscapes and all things in the natural world. This has allowed her to detail the ever-changing light to land, light to water, light to air.

This exhibit is her invitation to us, to see what she holds important and what she has captured in her view of the world.


Both adult beverages as well as n/a choices will be available at our office bar.

Landscapes will be up through March 30th, viewable daily between 8a – 7p. See you there!

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