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April Gallery Night @ Grayhaven Motel

Date and Time:

April 1, 2022 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Event Location:

Grayhaven Motel

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The Grayhaven is happy to present the multi-talented Deirdre Prince’s art for the month of April! Her stained glass + paintings will adorn our windows + walls all monthlong. Come see her collection, Welcome to the Jungle, for yourselves at our next Gallery Night: Friday, April 1 between 4 – 7pm.

Cider, beer, soft drinks, and Oracle Chocolate’s truffles will be available for purchase. Other refreshments will be available, compliment of the artist.

Artist bio:

My purpose in this lifetime is to heal and inspire which has led me to become the massage therapist and artist that I am today.  For me painting is about holding space. Space for whatever is needed for the observer in that moment. I’ve been drawing and painting since I first picked up a pencil and a paintbrush. I finally titled myself an artist around 2015 when I invested in quality paint and canvases and decided this was something I wanted to bring back to the tribe, (that’s you.) The images you see are conjured from a mysterious combination of emotions I’m feeling in the moment, lessons I’ve been learning in that phase of my life, and images that curiously appear in my mind’s eye.            

More recently I’ve been exploring new ways of creative expression. I chose stained glass because I was curious about how it is constructed and was at first glance intimidated because it looked very difficult. Thankfully the lockdown in 2020 gave me ample time to research and find out that it wasn’t that difficult at all.  Hours of research and having a mentor for two weeks gave the confidence to begin making pieces. It became a way for me to convert my thoughts and feelings into something tangible that could bring color, light, and joy to those who get to see it. Stained glass work has led me down the path of jewelry making and I believe there are more skills that haven’t revealed themselves to me yet. I’m excited about learning what they are along the way and sharing them with you in the future.

This collection titled Welcome to the Jungle was inspired by feelings of Forgiveness, Confidence, Bravery, Mysteriousness, Loss, and Triumph. The jungle is a place where there are many different ecosystems happening all at the same time and everything is in balance with one another. The moment one tree falls down there are plenty of other life forms waiting to spring up and soak in the sun. I believe each emotion combined with the right skill set can be turned into something beautiful that has the capability to blossom and make the world a more beautiful place.

Thank you for reading, Deirdre

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
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