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Gallery Night | The Line Starts Here_______

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May 3, 2019 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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The Line Starts Here_______
New Paintings by Mauro Marinelli

Exhibition opens May 3, 2019 at 5pm and features 16 Abstract Geometric Paintings that will be on display until June 6, 2019.

In the exhibition ‘The Line Starts Here’, Mauro Marinelli draws a straight line back to The Destijl Art movement and stakes his small claim to prospect in this rich territory of 20th century art. He has created a group of paintings that are finely balanced and designed. Every painting reveals the quiet; subtle calculus of the Fibonacci Sequence Golden Section. This age old classic design method still challenges our mind, senses, and leave classic thoughts of harmony in the viewer.

Better known as a photographer, Marinelli has 3 books of photography to his name. Quietly and on occasion he has revealed his painter side, having exhibited paintings for the past 3 years at both the Schweinfurth Museum (Auburn, NY) and The State of The Art Gallery (Ithaca, NY). 

‘The Line Starts Here’ art exhibition will surprise the gallery visitors with its strong bold colors, delicate accents and deliberate design.

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