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April ’24 at Grayhaven

April (fools), Motel Lovers! Hope you are all enjoying the first signs of spring. There’s a lot of activity here at the ‘haven! New birds at the feeders daily, cute little muskrat swimming in the stream, beavers building a new dam

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photo of outdoors

March ’24 at Grayhaven ♡

It’s March, Motel Lovers! Spring is chomping at the bit and we’re feeling like Punxsutawney Phil might be right. Early Spring? Too early to tell though, right friends What ever the season, we are always grateful for sunshine and all of the beautiful

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Laika in the woods

February ’24 at Grayhaven ♡

Happy February Motel Lovers!  The shortest month of the year has a bonus day! We hope you make the most of the additional day and spend it doing something that brings you happiness.  Things at Grayhaven are

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January ’24 @ Grayhaven ♡ 

Happy New Year, Motel Lovers!  After a long wait, snow has finally arrived at Grayhaven. The winter here has been great so far, and we hope yours has too! Our team all enjoyed some time off,

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Holiday Office Hours @ Grayhaven Motel

Hello Friends! We have abbreviated holiday office hours in the coming week: Current guests may reach us through the on call / after-hours phone number. To book a future reservation or inquire about a future event

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December ’23 @ Grayhaven ♡

Happy Holidays, Motel Lovers! In addition to the greenery, holiday lighting and beautifully decorated trees here at the motel, there’s a LOT happening in the area and we’re really feeling the festive spirit. Start the season

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November ’23 @ Grayhaven ♡ 

Happy November, motel lovers! We remain ever grateful for you, our motel friends and family, and hope this month brings the spirit of gratitude to your homes and hearts.  Grayhaven Motel will continue the tradition of being open and sparkling

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October ’23 @ Grayhaven ♡

Whatever it is that floats your fall boat, read on for where it might pop up this October at Grayhaven during your Ithaca visit. Join us for our 5th annual Jack-O-Lantern Night!  Enjoy pumpkin carving, chucking, bowling and more!

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September 2023 @ Grayhaven ♡

Happy Fall, Grayhaven fans! As the heat of summer turns to crisper air, we are excited for the leaves to change and to share new motel events with you. September has a LOT to offer; read

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August 2023 at Grayhaven ♡ 

Happy August, friends! We hope you’ve been enjoying the summer as much as we have. Luckily, we’ve still got several weeks left of it — and Ithaca has many months of gorgeous outdoor weather left for us all

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July 2023 at Grayhaven ♡

Summer greetings, motel lovers! Can’t wait to see you soon! Ithaca is brimming with beautiful, nature-filled fun this time of year. Read on for what this month has in store for Grayhaven and your Ithaca visits.  Vacation with us in

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June 2023 at Grayhaven ♡ 

Summer is here, Motel Lovers! Here at Grayhaven we’ve aired out the lawn games and are enjoying this year’s colorful plantings. We are looking forward to sunny days at the lake, early morning hikes at the

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